Brownfield Development Festival 2020

About this conference

This conference will provide policy, technical and funding solutions to help reduce the risks and potential costs of brownfield land development; so increasing investor and developer confidence and maximising viability.

This event will bring together local authority planning, regeneration and contaminated land officers, developers, policy-makers, LEPs, and other stakeholders to explore the effective use of available planning and funding mechanisms and identify solutions to overcome perceived barriers, thus helping “unlock” brownfield and derelict land and profitably bring it back into use.   

Planning & Regeneration Conference

11-12 November

Who should attend?

  • Scientific Officers

  • Principal Consultants

  • Technical Directors

  • Managing Directors

  • Contaminated Land Officers

  • Environmental Consultants

  • Contaminated Land Specialists

  • Business Development Directors

  • Land Development Directors

  • Property & Planning Consultants

  • Environmental Engineers

  • Contaminated Land Officers

  • Environmental Protection Officers

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