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NHBC is the UK’s leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes. Established in 1936, NHBC sets standards for its registered house builders and works to improve the construction quality of the homes they build. This is ultimately for the benefit of homeowners.

NHBC is a non-profit distributing organisation with no shareholders that dedicates resources and technical expertise to support the industry in raising the standards of new homes.

To assist landowners, land developers and development agencies remediating brownfield land for sale to the house building sector, NHBC offers a Land Quality Endorsement (LQE) to determine whether the remediated site will satisfy the requirements of our Standards and be acceptable for Buildmark warranty cover.

NHBC’s involvement and endorsement of brownfield sites independently remediated by third parties helps to reduce uncertainty and increase confidence for prospective purchasers of the land that the site has been adequately assessed and appropriately remediated.  NHBC's LQE service is increasingly becoming a pre-requisite for many major house builders looking at acquiring large pre-remediated brownfield sites with complex contamination and geotechnical issues.

NHBC is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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