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Shortlisted for Category 2 - Best Scientific/Technical/Digital Advance at the Brownfield Awards 2020

ALS is a global TIC organisation. Our environmental laboratories serve a wide variety of markets including the brownfield remediation and contaminated land sector. We provide our clients with containers, into which they place samples; typically soil, water and gas. We transport the samples to our laboratories where they undergo various specified analyses to assess their level of contamination. The results of this testing are provided back to our clients.

Our services have evolved from paper based systems. As technology has advanced we have developed a sophisticated interface allowing our clients to connect easily with the lab, communicating their requirements and managing their results data.

ALS have a close relationship with the multidisciplinary engineering consultancy WYG, with an exclusive lab testing agreement in place in the UK, so they were an obvious choice of partner for the early testing and subsequent live launch of the new Mobile App.

Background to the Development of the Mobile App

ALS hosts a secure on-line portal called myALS (formerly known as @mis, prior to a re-brand following the acquisition of ALcontrol by ALS in 2016). The portal allows ALS’ clients to manage container deliveries and sample collections; identify samples with barcodes; schedule testing on-line; create live email notifications of predetermined exceedances; track testing through the lab and download results in a variety of formats including bespoke templates. ALcontrol won a Brownfield Briefing Award for @mis in 2014 (Best laboratory innovation: @mis - the complete data management solution).

However, one limitation of myALS is that it is accessed via an internet browser and users need to have a live web connection to use the service. 

Although myALS is able to interface with most technology developed for electronic capture of site data, site information is still largely collected using traditional methods (i.e. note book, pen and paper logs). Lab testing orders are then made later from the office, hotel or at home; anywhere where an internet connection could be found. To overcome this problem we developed a dual barcode system, where one barcode is peeled from the container and kept in a notebook for scanning later. However, this can result in double-handling of information and the need to ‘log on’ after the day’s site work is completed. 

We wanted to find a way for our clients to capture information quickly, on site, at the point of sampling and seamlessly transfer this information to the lab; this formed the basis of the myALS Mobile App concept.


The myALS™ Mobile App in Detail

The myALS Mobile App can be downloaded onto a tablet and used on site in place of a notebook. Early in our product development, we identified that in order for the system to be widely adopted we would need to provide a tool to capture ALL SITE INFORMATION in one place, rather than just create a sample management tool. The App provides the means to capture a variety of data, the details of which are listed under the headings below:

  • Project Set-Up

  • GPS Location and Mapping

  • Photographs

  • Detailed Soil Logging

  • Sample Management

  • In-Situ Testing

  • Drilling and Trial Pitting Parameters

  • Monitoring and Water Sampling Rounds

  • Surveys

  • Logistics

  • Document Storage

  • Syncing with the myALS Server

  • Borehole Logs









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