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Dr Uri Stoin, Research & Development Chief, Alpha Cleantec will be speaking at the conference about Superoxide as a Green Reagent for Soil and Water Treatment.

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Company Profile


Alpha Cleantec AG is a start-up company in the field of environmental technologies and services.  We have developed new, efficient and rapid technologies in the field of decontamination. Our technologies achieve rapid decontamination ratio up to 97% for a wide range of contaminants (such as Hydrocarbons, TPH, BTEX, Petroleum leftovers, Aromatics, PAH, Chlorinated Solvents, PCB, Dioxins as well as Pesticides and Herbicides).


With our technologies, we can treat contaminations up to 100,000 ppm. For example, normal treatment time for a batch of contaminated soil with our technology is only 1-2 hours. Our processes are patented and technological stability, efficiency and environmental impacts were independently proven by laboratory tests carried out with TÜV Süd in Germany. We received the “Seal of Excellence” from European commission in 2019 and were selected in September 2020 from Solar Impulse Foundation for their “Solar Impulse Label” as one of only 714 (currently) projects worldwide.

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